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Rainbow Vomit, the technicolor interactive art adventure dreamed up by Curator Deanna Theis and Experience Director Rob Andrews, will open its doors to the public on January 17th at 3609 Parry Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75226 (map). Tickets priced from $15-$25 are available here.  

Art among the clouds is what Dallas crowds will find at the newest art adventure and inspired selfie studio rightfully called, “Rainbow Vomit.” From superheroes to unicorns, guests will experience the beauty of the rainbow as it bursts from the seams of a comic-strip gone haywire.

Downloadable photos available HERE.

Located across the street from the historic Fair Park right off the DART, this 2600-square foot space has been customized for and extraordinary experience from the outside in. Beginning with an exterior characteristic of an uncolored comic book, guests begin the journey to immerse themselves in art, light, and sound reminiscent of a journey into the fantasy of flight. With more than 20 unique photo opportunities throughout the exhibit, the installations include 7500 yards of ribbon, 6000 LEDs, 100 lbs of cotton, 50 lbs of glitter, 5 miles of ribbon and and 1 secret unicorn.

“We have incorporated awesome touchable elements and Instagramable visuals that are designed for all ages,” said Theis. “Friends, family, and strangers alike will find unique discoveries along the way, hidden gems and vibrant, colorful secrets to unlock,” she continued.

Andrews explains that within the fantasy realized in the interactive art of Rainbow Vomit, a menagerie of creatives from across the U.S contributed to the project. “It’s been an amazing experience working with our talented group of Vomiteers that bring all sorts of skills and creative insights to this project. Bringing Rainbow Vomit to have life has taken a massive collective effort, and we hope this journey will bring out the kid in everyone,” he said.

DETAILS: January 17th-February 17, 2019, 10am - 9pm

Open Wednesday through Sunday

Closed Monday and Tuesday


Where: Rainbow Vomit is located across the street from the historic Fair Park right off the DART at 3609 Parry Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75226 (map).



GENERAL ADMISSION (ALL AGES) $20-$25 Includes entrance for 1 hour into Rainbow Vomit

Children under the age of 3 don’t need a ticket


FAMILY PACK (4 minimum) $15-$20 each attendee

Package valid for families with at least 2 kids under 16

Tickets are available here.

Please note that all sales are final and transferring to other days is not permitted.



Rainbow Vomit is led by Creative Director Deanna Theis and Experience Director Rob Andrews.  A designer and maker from a young age, Deanna’s ingenuity as a creative craftswoman have yielded a remarkable set of discoveries, most recently in Rainbow Vomit. With this interactive installation, her creative vision takes front seat as the epicenter of this colorful world. A creator at heart, Rob has been an entrepreneur since graduating with a degree in film production. Currently as the Executive Director of ProjectUX, a User Experience and creative agency, he specializes in spreading the practice of UX.  Applying his creative and analytical skills has set the perfect scene for Rainbow Vomit.